Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery

CTmastery is an all-encompassing crypto trading learning platform designed to help anyone understand and master profitable cryptocurrency trading.

Jude Umeano

Why I Started CTMastery – My Story

I have been active in the crypto space since 2016, trading and creating contents for Nigeria’s biggest cryptocurrency blog (NigeriaBitcoinCommunity.com)

I receive numerous requests on daily basis from people literally begging to have a one on one class with me on how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

I turn these requests down each time citing that I don’t have the time to hold classes… which I honestly do not have. But I always refer these persons to resources online where they can acquire these skills themselves

However, the problem is that these resources are not usually complete, not well presented and most times paint a ‘too good to be true scenario’ which is usually the case.

Why CTMastery?


Even if you are completely new to cryptocurrencies, we will coach you, from understanding the basics to trading professionally making a consistent daily profit. The essence of the beginner course is to give you the basic knowledge you need in trading, giving you a hands-on experience that will make you a pro.


This is a more technically advanced class. If you are already rooted in Basics, we will take you through a more detailed technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Futures trading, margin, bots, etc. with this you can even develop your own. The aim here is to make you know crypto trading the way you know your ABC.


Which Cryptocurrency Trading Courses Should You Enroll?

CTMastery | Vol 1 | Beginner to Pro

Starting your cryptocurrency trading journey can be quite daunting, with lots of money lost through poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of the market trend. We’ll coach you.


  • Basics of Cryptocurrencies
  • Mastering Cryptocurrencies
  • OTC Trading
  • Risk Management
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CTMastery | Vol 2 | Technical Analysis

If you know the basics but want to delve deeper, then this course is for you. The Technical Analysis is broken down into parts, extensively, and concisely explaining it in simple terms


  • Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis
  • Financial Charts Basics
  • History and Anatomy of the candlestick patterns;
  • Indicators and How to use them
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Vol 1 and Vol 2 Combo

₦ 45000.00 ₦38000.00

Buy Two Courses for Less

Buying both courses together comes with a 25% discount

What’s Inside this combo?

  1. Everything a newcomer needs to know about Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Simple actionable steps you can apply right away to start generating consistent daily profit
  3. Trading Cryptocurrencies. (Beginner to Pro)
  4. Advanced trading strategies used by experts to generate massive income with very little capital.
  5. Lifetime Access to updates and bonuses
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Automated Trading Royal Q Bot… It’s Free

Starting your cryptocurrency trading journey can be quite daunting, with lots of money lost through poor decision-making and a lack of

Learn how to use this bot to make consistent profits, using my strategy.

You’ll thank me

see you in the program


  • How The Bot Makes Profit
  • How To Set up Bot For Daily Profit
  • How To Make 10x Extra Profit From The Bot
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Join Our Happy Students​ Today!

The lessons taught in this course were developed with a combined experience of about 13 years in profitably trading Forex and then Cryptocurrency. One of the strategies taught in this course and used by our students was tested on 266 trades before its launch. It yielded 265 wins and 1 loss i.e. a 99.6% win rate.

Why Students Trust Us

Made for Traders by Traders

All our courses are made by expert traders for traders of all level. Our expert traders curate the information we share from the experience they’ve gathered over the years with constant daily updates

Interactive and Practical

Tired of boring lectures filled with theories without hands on practical? We Give you hands on experience, we show you how to trade with demo and live accounts

More Value less Pay

While there are many Crypto courses out there, our courses are rich yet so cheap. With what you pay, you get more values from us than you’d get anywhere.