Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery

CT mastery is an all encompassing crypto trading learning platform design to help anyone understand and master profitable cryptocurrencies trading.
From Beginner level to Pro and Expert Level

If you have ever wanted to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably on your own and make a living out of it then you have come to the right place. 

I will personally coached you on how to trade cryptocurrencies professionally at virtually no risk. Making profit with each trade?

This might be the most important platform you have ever visited.

Here is a few of what I will be teaching you

·       Everything a newcomer needs to know about cryptocurrencies

·     Simple actionable steps you can apply right away to start generating consistent daily profit trading cryptocurrencies. (Beginner to Pro)

·       Advanced trading strategies used by experts to generate massive income with very little capital. 

If you are still thinking of the possibility of making a living in the crypto space …. Let’s take a look at the chart below together.

The above is the biggest cryptocurrency gain of 2017 (Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2017).

From the chart above, Ripple (XRP) has the highest gain of 36,108%.

Thus, if you bought ₦1,000 worth of Ripple in Jan 2017 and sold it by Dec 2017, you would have made ₦361,080. 

What if you bought ₦10,000 worth, that is N3.6 million when sold.

The same goes for bitcoin, the 11th coin on that list above. You would have made 13 times what ever amount you bought it with.

But hold on… the above is not really trading. Its just investing. If you were trading, you would have made much more. 


·      Make more when its rising: they trade the small drops as the coins rises for maximum profit.

·        They can also trade to make profit when the coin is falling. 

Thus, no matter what’s happening to the crypto asset, the trader is in profit.

To get you started, I created the Crypto Trading Mastery Course – an Academy to help you master cryptocurrency trading. 

Why did I create this course?

Having been active in the crypto space since 2016, trading and creating contents for Nigeria’s biggest cryptocurrency blog (

I receive numerous requests on daily basis from people literally begging to have a one on one class with me on how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

I turn these requests down each time citing that I don’t have the time to hold classes… which I honestly do not have. But I always refer these persons to resources online where they can acquire these skills themselves

However, the problem is that these resources are not usually complete, not well presented and most times paint a ‘too good to be true scenario’ which is usually the case.

Need I mention the susceptibility of Newbies to Ponzi schemes and scam site?

Hence, after about 4 years’ experience in the crypto space I decided to take out time to create the ultimate all-encompassing Crypto trading course (CTMastery).

Just as said in the movie – Spiderman “With Great Power Comes create responsibility”, I have come to see myself as personally responsible to helping my readers master the art of trading cryptos profitably. 

This course was created leveraging on over 14-year experience in Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrency trading.

It is designed to do two major things.

·       Beginner to Professional: Coach you even if you are completely new to cryptocurrencies; from
understanding the basics to trading professionally making consistent daily

·       Pros to Experts: This is a more technically advanced class. If you are already rooted in
Basics, we will take you through a more detailed technical analysis,
fundamental analysis, Futures trading, margin, bots etc.  with this you can even develop your own
strategy. The aim here is to make you know crypto trading the way you know your

The course will also be constantly updated with bonuses featuring new trading edge, strategies, opportunities etc. It is essentially created to help you master cryptocurrency trading.


·       An interactive learning platform

·       Simplified actionable steps

·       Daily signal

·       Life time access to updates and Bonus

·       Money back guarantee

·       And lots more…

While I wait to include your testimonial on this page. Here are some testimonials of people that consume our content on 

In every google search I make about cryptos, I often see myself looking out for Nigeria Bitcoin Community. I seemingly get satisfied each time I see their take on every matter. I don’t know why but it could certainly point to the way every single point is concisely explained in each post and to say the truth, this blog speaks the truth about every crypto investment opportunity online.  

Chisom Anagor

Hi Jude, I really appreciate your sound and objective analysis and reviews. Since I discovered your site I’ve been hooked. I’m glad I have come to know more about the cryptocurrency world and which exchanges are best for me.

Thank you, please keep it up. You’re doing the Lord’s work

Orok Bassey

Hello Jude, I highly appreciate your incisive, thorough and objective reviews. They easily stand out from the numerous lopsided and half-baked reviews littering the internet. You are a worthy representative of Nigeria. Keep it up!

Martin Ezenwere

Jude your article has given me the best education on this than anything I have read so far. You really demystified the subject. Please be available to give us answers as we come to seek further knowledge on this from you. Nkem.

Nkem Okereke

There is no doubt that the crypto space has made millionaires and its still doing so. A lot of families have attained financial freedom through crypto trading. Even students in the in higher institutions have had their life changed when they tapped into this economy.

The surprising thing is that the world is just scratching the surface of the crypto technology.  We don’t know the limit to its adoption and application.

Also, It’s not surprising that people who teach classes on crypto trading charge as high as $2,000 (~₦800,000). These is not an exaggeration, find out how much it cost to join Chris Dunn’s crypto trading course. As a matter of fact, I have attended 3 different webinars where it cost $2,000 to join their trading community.

Platforms here in Nigeria that hold crypto trading classes charges between $100 to $300.

Do you think this is too much?

No, it’s not, when compared to the values given, it’s even underpriced.

Let me paint you a picture


During my service year (NYSC).  I paid ₦51,000 for a safety course with ISPON. The course lasted 2 weeks and I was given a certificated.

Did I get a Job with it? NO.


After my NYSC I enrolled for a course on “instrumentation and control”. I paid ₦130,000 for class. It lasted 1 month and I was given a certificate.

Did I get a job with it? NO.


If you choose to learn a skill in Nigeria be it computer repair, Shoe making, hair dressing, tailoring etc. The least you will pay is ₦50,000 up to ₦200,000.

After learning, you will have to source for fund to start up and strategy to out smart your competition. Even when you become successful at it, it is very difficult to scale.


From the above, you will agree with me that cryptocurrency trading trainings are underprice. The value far outweighs the Price.

If there is one skill you should acquire this year, Let is it be on how to master cryptocurrency trading.

I have done justice to it in this course: – CT Mastery.

 CTMastery is about developing and mastering the skills to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

If you come across a better course, in crypto training, let me know and I will refund the money you used to purchase this course.

Some of the things you will learn include

·       Mastering OTC trading

·      How to Trade without capital

·       Luno Master

·       Remitano Mastery

·       Binance Mastery

·       Quidax mastery

·       Trading Strategy that guarantees 95%-win rate

·       …. And much more 

I can confidently tell you that if you pay ₦200,000 for this course you underpaid.

However, I am a really nice guy (I know I am, I don’t need you to tell me). You won’t pay ₦200,000. Even though I spent over $1,000 developing this platform you are on.

You won’t even pay half of it (₦100,000).

You won’t even pay half of that (₦50,000).

Gaining access to the CT Mastery Course will cost you ₦40,000 only. You cannot get a better deal or value for your money anywhere else …make your research

However, due to the economic difficulty caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, I cut down this price by 50%.

Thus I will grant you access to this course today for only ₦20,000 

 I told you I am a nice guy, right?

To further prove this to you, I will also be doubling the value you get once you enroll today. This is what I mean

The CTmastery course comes in 2 volumes, 

  • Volume 1 : – Beginners to Pro
  • Volume 2: – Pro to Expert. 
  • And lots of bonus ans updates 
Volume 1 is launched and priced at ₦40,000. Volume 2 will be launched in few weeks and priced double the price of volume 1. 
However, if you purchase volume 1 at  ₦20,000  before the launch of volume 2, you will also get volume 2 for free when it is launched with life time access to updates and bonuses. 

Note: That even with volume 1, you can make a living trading as most profitable traders are only using the skills taught in volume 1

Even at this I am not done here yet.  I am including a clause that no other Crypto trading course does.

That is;

30 days money back guarantee. That is how confident I am about this course.

If you don’t find value from this course, simply let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your money in full no… questions asked.

 Click the Button below to enroll. I will see you in the training. 


Jude made me believe one can make a living dealing with cryptocurrencies especially after the era of Ponzi scheme (which misled many of us). I am trading cryptocurrencies today and making very good income with it today. C.T Mastery will also make you do the same don’t miss this opportunity

Precious Udomah

Jude has been very active in the cryptocurrency industry for years now. He has been in the forefront of pushing crypto to the door step of many households in Nigeria and Africa at large. While doing all these he has made millions in cryptocurrencies. So, when he brings out a course on how to trade cryptos, you have to take it seriously and get on this train in this cryptocurrency journey.

Anselm Ifediora

Jude has done a lot of job in the cryptocurrency space. He has also carried out lots of campaigns with various crypto exchanges like Luno, Remitano, Quidax, Binance e.t.c.

For someone to be successful with these big exchanges means he knows the cryptocurrency space a lot. Take this course seriously it could be your ride to financial freedom

Ayoola Akinlade

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